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More than just an artist - a true person of purpose. Yung Kriss is a natural creative since a child. Being a biracial kid growing up in the Midwest, he quickly identified how different he was, but it wasn’t until later that he understood just how powerful his influence truly is. After releasing his first single “2 Serious” with Don Ready, he quickly gained favor as an upcoming Christian R&B artist. Capitalizing on that moment, he released his first solo record “Ready For It All” that made a viral splash on TikTok.

As an Alternative R&B artist, his style is diverse, unique, & the perfect blend of two worlds (R&B & Pop). His melodic sounds are inspired by his musical heroes (Michael Jackson, Chris Brown) as well as artists such as (Justin Bieber, Giveon, SZA, Bruno Mars, & Kehlani) while keeping an original twist that is unlike any other Christian artist today. While his sound pushes the boundaries of what spiritual music sounds like, it is also easily digestible & smooth. A truly versatile artist that thrives as a songwriter, he uniquely crafts songs that invite you in to see his heart - that everyone would know that they are loved by God.

Yung Kriss


8353 Lake June Road
Dallas, TX 75217

June 6, 2024
6:00 PM CDT

Don Ready is a unique, talented, and spirit-minded Christian Music Artist from Madisonville, KY. Few people sing and rap so honestly from their heart and soul, capturing the heart of God, while delicately discussing life’s issues. Don Ready does so in just the right way, combining worship, hip-hop, and song in perfect unison. He’s a Christ follower, dream chaser, and leader. always Staying Ready to complete the will of God. Simply put, Don Ready. Stay Ready.

Don Ready
(Mr. Young Greatness)

Sam Rivera is a singer/songwriter from Portland, OR. At his lowest point, when he was about to end his life, he saw a piano, sat down and began singing. That moment transformed everything. Music instantly became a place where he
could escape from anxiety, depression, drug use, and cutting. His tattooed arms paint the picture of a previous life, not one you would expect from a pastor's kid who grew up in church.
He's now creating his own sound, drawing inspiration from his story, his Salvadoran heritage, and today's pop influences. His authentic, raw releases across platforms have built connections with a community of creators on YouTube, TikTok and
beyond. Now that his songs and stories are resonating with others, he hopes listeners will find hope - as he did.

Sam Rivera

Stevie Rizo

June 6, 2024 6:00 PM
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